Textaizer 5.0

Textaizer Pro is a text mosaic creator with extensive possibilities
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Textaizer is a program to paint with text, a text mosaic creator to create ASCII art, and make videoclips with ASCII art.
All the created mosaics can be saved, sent as a picture, inserted into documents or printed.

The user chooses a picture (bmp or jpg) and a text file (ASCII, notepad file), and the application re-paint the image using text as picture elements. Font and text can be selected for using in the picture transformation. Each character takes the individual color of the small area it is replacing so from a distance the original picture will easily be recognized and the characters will not be noticed.

The user is free to choose complete sentences as a text source, and the story will be shown as a text mosaic picture.

The application supplies color correction filters, background and font size and color selection.

For those who want to express art by themselves, the software offers the possibility of directly drawing on the chosen picture. The picture appears as the background as a user guide, and the painter fills and colors up every small square in the mosaic with paint, erase, etc. tools.

The application viewer window supplies a zoom utility to observe the final effect, simulating the long distance view of the result picture.

Output files can be saved as text, html, bitmap or avi. HTML available in black and white and color modes.

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